Some of you have probably have heard about the recent interest and the investigation of the head injuries and the damage that they cause in NFL and other league’s football players.

I’m a grandfather and a godparent to two awesome 7 year old boys who love sports and football. As a personal injury attorney I have to be cautious about injuries that can occur, especially because of all the recent news on head injuries in athletes.


As schools are starting back up in the fall and the football season and practice picks back up in August for the different football leagues, I decided that it’s the right time to have a conversation about head injuries in athletes.

On this episode of Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips, I discuss the topic of head injuries in athletes in hope that that information will be valuable to the parents of the kids who either are or want to get involved with football, hockey, boxing, MMA or other sports where players receive concussions.

Listen in to discover some eye-opening research that has been done on the players’ brains who have passed away to help you decide whether you want your child getting involved with a sport where brain trauma is very likely to occur.

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